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Crude oil and its derivatives

Falcon International Trading Company

Crude oil and its derivatives

an introduction :

Oil is a blessing from the grace of God. Oil is one of the main pillars of life, like water and air. and it is the most important source of energy in the world. It is also used in countless industries such as plastics, soap,  technological industries, so there is no country can dispense with oil,

that what gives economic power to the oil producing and exporting countries where the importance and indispensable of oil globally make it an important economic and political power for the countries that own it.

definition :

Black gold or crude oil, a liquid liquid, dense, ranging in color between black and green, and is considered a flammable material. Oil is extracted from the upper layers of the earth’s crust in special ways, and the types of oil vary depending on where they are extracted and extracted. The difference is very different in composition and appearance. Oil is a major source of energy and the most expensive, and the United States is at the top of the list of the largest oil consuming countries around the world. The world, burning about eighty million barrels daily in various fields.


Oil derivatives :

Oil derivatives are materials that have been refined and extracted from the raw material. The oil derivatives are produced after the passage of the crude oil in the refining processes starting from heating and then distillation and then separating the gases, and successive stages to exit a product or derivative of one of the oil derivatives, and the most famous oil derivatives: gasoline. Diesel. Heating fuel. Aviation fuel. Kerosene. Fuels and ships factories. Liquid and dry gases. Coke. Asphalt material used for road paving. Lubricant.


The importance of oil:

Helps to raise the global economic level. Developing the national economy. Is of great political, economic and political importance. Oil is a clean source of energy. Oil is used in various uses such as transport, transportation and others. Enter into petrochemical industries. Is gaining importance from the ease of transport and storage that characterize it.


market study :

Oil is important to be responsible for global energy consumption. It is consumed in South and Central America by 44%, in Africa by 41% and in North America by 40%. The world consumes 30 billion barrels of oil a year, As the developed countries are the most consuming oil. The world’s oil consumption reached 100 million  barrels in 2018, according to OPEC.

Ready to enter this field:

For the importance of the above mentioned, Falcon International Trading Company has endeavored with all its expertise and international studies to be one of the leading companies in this field. Falcon Company has obtained the right to operate exclusive refineries in many Arab countries for the production of crude oil and all Its derivatives, aiming at the convenience of its valued customers, companies, institutions and individuals.


The competition :

By studying competitors and comparing the services provided to their customers with the services provided to customers of Falcon , Falcon has many distinctive business ideas that attract the customer in particular, including but not limited to:

  • Top quality products and services
  •  The least time in production and delivery to the customer Care and service of customer problems
  • Flexibility in production, marketing and customer relationships
  • The most efficient relations with the rings of the chain of shipment and distribution Competitive prices

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