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Air and sea transport

Falcon International Trading Company

Air and sea transport

First / air transport and aviation:

He has worked on the design and manufacture of some types of kites, and tried to enlarge the size of these planes in order to carry some things with them and fly them. The man also tried to fly himself, and perhaps try Abbas ibn Firnas one of the most famous attempts in this area. Man was able to fly in the late 19th century. In the 20th century, aviation developed unmatched, and it became a milestone for this century. Aviation continues to evolve through the development of aircraft and aviation services. Different. Where the aviation was able to enter all areas of life and the widest door, and became a necessities of life, because of the ease and high efficiency and unmatched in providing connectivity between the different cities of the world. Some may suggest that the term aviation is linked only to travel, but the term is actually much larger and more extensive.

There is a commercial area that is no less important than the field of travel, the military field, the field of medical aid and the field of scientific explorations and others

As a result of the above, Falcon International seeks to be an important player in this field throughout the Arab world and African countries. The final procedures for acquiring exclusive carrier rights for one of the largest African countries are under way.

Second: Building ships and ships:

Maritime transport (passenger and cargo) is one of the oldest means of transport used by humans, especially by the neighboring countries of the water bodies (oceans, seas, lakes). Sailboats were used, then commercial ships with the beginnings of the industrial revolution using shipping containers.

Recently, the ships are moving with the power of oil and gas, and then some with the power of nuclear energy. The role of the Muslim Arabs was a race in the sea, and building ships for the spread of the Islamic religion and for the purposes of trade. They were aided by their knowledge of astronomy, compass use, mapping, and their ships roamed the Mediterranean and Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic and the Arabian Sea.

Maritime transport is responsible for half the traffic of passengers between countries, and is responsible for the transfer of 90% of the total volume of world trade is rightly the artery of the global economy. We can imagine that without shipping, we will be unable to complete business transactions between the different continents of the world. Whether it relates to raw materials, food or manufactured products.  Ships are among the most valuable assets, with the cost of building a single vessel over $ 150 million. While annual revenues of commercial vessels are close to $ 500 billion, accounting for 5% of the global economy. International ports and the merchant marine fleet play a major role in facilitating the movement of goods and people, reducing transport prices and driving the movement of economic development and the global logistics system.

From the introduction above we see the strength and size of the sea shipping market worldwide, and this is what encouraged us to enter this market and with the success of God we have obtained exclusive rights to the lines of operation and transfer, sale and lease of the best and latest ships and Kargo on The level of the world (goods and passengers), meet the needs of countries and individuals and institutions along the line of operation of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, we have a fleet of ships to transport goods and VIP vessels to accommodate passengers more than 1000 passengers, ready with crews and permission to operate and transport throw Mediterranean operation line and the Red Sea to offer to its customers and customers Ram (a better life and a better world) in a unique experience that will ensure you a pleasant travel …. We promise you not to forget it.

Ship Specifications

Registration Port Panel Number VALLETA -126 IN 2009
Ship Type HSC Passenger
engine power 4.934.00
NT 1.480.00
date of manufacture France 1996
Systems and drawing of the beam 1995
Ship Structure Number 623
Shipbuilding Material Aluminum
Construction Alstom Lerox Marine .. St Malo .. France
Community Ranking Bureau Veritas – 39Y743
Class Rating High Speed ​​- Unrestricted Cruise – West and East – Mediterranean and Red Sea.
Trip type Category A + B / Short International – Passenger craft – A1 + A2 GMDSS ARE
The highest elevation of sea water Aegean Sea – 4 m

Tank capacity per vessel:

Marine gas 253,000 liters
fresh water 9.90 mt

Car load capacity:

Vehicle / truck capacity 148 cars or 116 cars + 4 buses

Safety Equipment:

Type of Scandinavian ships 1400 passengers 14 lifeboat, with 50 passengers per boat
Quick Rescue Boats 2 boat

Passenger Capacity:

Travelers 1000 passengers

Facilities for one vessel:

The number of 2 elevator 630 kilo (8 people) Full and comprehensive adaptation of the vessel

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