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Medical Laboratories Project

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Medical Laboratories Project

The laboratory department is considered one of the main departments in the field of human health. The medical laboratories are the heart of hospitals, clinics and medical centers, where all patient analyzes are performed, which help doctors diagnose patients. Urine, stool or other body fluids or swabs from different places or tissues and organs, then analyze them and send the results of the analysis to the doctor who can infer the patient's condition through the results given to him. The laboratories are the main artery and the pulse of the analysis of food and agricultural products, fertilizers, chemicals, analysis of samples of crude oil and its derivatives, in many fields and other industries.

Al Sagr International is keen to be a leader in this field by owning exclusive rights to the largest and most modern American medical laboratories in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and the Arab world, for the safety and health of its customers and customers, individuals, companies and institutions. , To provide them (a better life and a better world).

What are the services provided by the lab?

The laboratory provides several services for analysis and will be summarized as follows:

  • Testing and analysis of protected and non-protected agricultural products.

  • Tests and analyzes of food allergies approved by the Military Manufacturing Authority.

  • All tests and sensitivity analyzes.

  • Monitor and record blood tests and analysis automatically.

  • Special analyzes for the detection of Salmonella.

  • Special antibody detection tests.

  • The laboratory has a complete and sophisticated laboratory for specialized eye care.

Serum Tests and Analysis:

Existing tests and analyzes are the standard and system for the detection of antibodies and nuclear control adopted by the IFA IFA.

  • HIV analysis.

  • Analysis of hepatitis B and & C.

  • Analysis of whole blood image analysis of all kinds.

  • Analysis of adrenal hormone analysis.

  • All types of cancer screening.

  • Vitamin D analysis.

  • Special analyzes for bacteremia.

  • All types of urine analysis.

  • Analysis of smallpox and rubella.

  • Tests to check the number of white blood cells per day.

  • The tests needed to examine Giardia and Cryptosporidium, parasites that cause diarrhea, often in children daily, tests for bone marrow.

  • Tests for TB disease.

  • Analysis of platelets.

Laboratory Experience:

  • An integrated professional team specializing in microbiology with more than 100 years of experience in the departments.

  • Consultants are constantly present and able to control any sources of pollution or infection.

  • The possibility of direct contact with the specialist to take the advice.

What are the benefits of standardization and integration of microbiology in this laboratory?

  • Reduce hospital costs and maintain the highest possible quality of results.

  • Helps to redistribute automation and maintain high quality.

  • Maintain routine quality analysis.

  • Eliminate the need for quality control resources.

** The laboratory is designed to analyze the samples with the required analysis within two hours. This standard time is faster than any other laboratory. High quality results are provided by a specialized technical team.

An example of an analysis of several types of laboratory analyzes:

A cervical sample is taken and tested with the following analyzes:

  • HPV16 + HPV (HPV16) is an HPV-16 infection.

  • Analysis of genetic profiling to determine the genetic pattern in the blood.

  • Analysis of gonorrhea.

  • Chlamydia Disease Analysis.

To perform any analysis, the laboratory is characterized by:

  • There is no need to cut the medicine for analysis.

  • There is no risk of any reaction during sensitivity tests.

  • There is no need to fast for any analysis.

  • There are no restrictions on any age group to perform any analysis.

  • There are no restrictions on the analysis of pregnancy for women.

  • The entire laboratory staff is constantly trained on all necessary and important exercises.

  • Reports and analysis results are written in the latest methods and regulations.

  • The patient can receive the result of his analysis within days rather than weeks.

  • The report can be printed professionally and beautifully.

  • The laboratory is able to provide the highest quality diabetes tests available.

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