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Project of air conditioners and coolers

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Project of air conditioners and coolers

Air Conditioners Porta Cool is a US-made air conditioner, widely deployed in America and around the world, providing high comfort, coolness and safety for all its users. It has been manufactured to suit the needs of its users, and provides them with high coolness in use in places such as (industrial workshops and factories, animal husbandry farms, residential use, fitness halls, military and civil aviation workshops, public and private events and events, etc ).

The US Portaquil Air Conditioners also have a power that covers up to 6,000 square meters in high-temperature areas, whether closed or open, and some without power. Portacool air conditioners differ in terms of size, speed, number of speed, cooling area, weight, water tank capacity, and warranty years) from one type to another, depending on the type.

It also has different characteristics (automatic water pump separator, temporary sensor, timer, digital control, number of water supply nozzles, etc.) from one type to another depending on the type.

The Porta Cool Air Conditioners have a different warranty from one type to another in a number of years, from three years to five years warranty to guarantee life in some species.

Portaquil air conditioners are divided into several different series of air conditioners, each series falling under several different types in terms of specifications, features and shape.

Coola Air Conditioner Series:

  • Portacol Saikelon Series:

To cool areas at work or at home of 300-2100 square feet.

  • Portakol Horiken Series:

For extensive industrial areas from 3500 to 6250 square feet.

  • Portacol Jetstream Series:

For open and spacious commercial spaces from 1000 to 5625 square feet.

  • Portacol Classic Series:

Trusted by many to enhance comfort and productivity, maintain the comfort and productivity of workers and provide them with a refreshing atmosphere.

  • Portacol Numatic Series:

For air units in special industrial applications, keeps the facilities cooler without the need for electricity.

  • Portacol Collection Location:

For industrial areas with combustion, cooling up to 2500 square feet.

  • Portacol Horicón Serees Series:

For large industrial spaces, from 3500 to 650 square feet.

  • Cool Gate Jetstream Series:

To cool commercial and open spaces, with an area of 1000 to 5.625 square meters.

  • Series Portacol Silicone Ceres:

For cool areas at work or around the house from 300 to 2100 square feet.

  • Portacol Classic Series Series:

Reliable for everyone to enhance comfort and productivity and the optimal solution to the problems of heat and hot weather.

  • Series Porta Cole Icelander:

For cooling large patios and outdoor dining areas for comfort.

  • Portacol Dangerous Places Series:

Safe cooling for flammable industrial areas, up to 2500 square feet.

  • Engine Air Series Porta Cole:

Compact air-powered units for special industrial applications.

General images for using Portacool air conditioners:

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