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Food Products Project

Falcon International Trading Company

Food Products Project

There is no doubt that food is the second nerve of life with water, without which there is no life at all, and without food the human dies, and the human body needs a variety of nutrients to be able to live and be able to resist diseases, these elements It is obtained from food, especially healthy and balanced food that contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water.

As for the importance and necessity of all of the above, Falcon International has the lead in obtaining the largest exclusive agencies and competitive prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and the Arab countries in the field of health food products, American meat and poultry and infant formula, Children, which are accredited by all the official health authorities of the United States and international health organizations, for the sake of the safety and health of its customers and customers and the dignity of their grandchildren who are the basis of the future and base.

  • American and Halal products 100%

  • Accredited by all official US health authorities and international health organizations.

  • Has the certificate of exported goods to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Free of cholesterol.

  • She has a Food Quality Certificate in the United States of America.

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