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Tahoe Water Project

Falcon International Trading Company

Tahoe Water Project

Water is of special importance, unlike the other biological factors. It is one of the most abundant materials on the surface of the earth. Three quarters of its surface is covered with water and water. It is the main component of the cell structure. In its various forms and forms and their reluctance to plant, animal and human. The water caused the life of every living thing on the earth's surface. God Almighty said: "And we made of water all living things, do they not believe," The truth of the great God.

However, despite the large percentage of water on the surface of the earth, the pure sweet water most used does not exceed 2.75%, which is a weak proportion to the proportion of salt water, and this is why it is maintained and well-exploited.

As a result, Falcon International has been the first to win an exclusive agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab World of Tahoe, the world’s largest and most clean water mineral water. It is a drinking water extracted from the best lakes in America, Carolina Morgentin United States of America.

The water purity and quality of water is measured by pH, which is what we are keen on in the waters of Tahoe (pH in the waters of Tahoe is 5.9) and is the only water that carries this percentage in the world.

The chemical composition rate is ppm
Bicarbonate 1 >
sulfate 1 >
Chloride 1 >
Floride 1 >
nitrate 1 >
Calcium 1 >
Magnesium 1 >
sodium 1 >
potassium 1 >
carbonate 1 >
iron 1 >
Total dissolved solids 1 >
Overall age 1 >
PH 5,6

Lake Tahoe is one of the best lakes in America. Lake Tahoe stretches between the US states of California and Nevada, extending from 22 miles north to 12 miles to the south, and ranks the best drinking water in the world.

  • Packaged product in the United States

  • Packaging in two sizes (500 ml and 296 ml)

  • Healthy containers free from carcinogens

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