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Wood Agency

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Wood Agency

For thousands of years and the future tree plays its immortal role in the life of man, and turns on his hands to various forms and images to serve his demands, and achieve its artistic and cultural purposes.

I have worked in cutting and publishing to burn the fire for warmth, and treated with the formation and the hole to establish a shelter for himself to resort to the prevention of fluctuations of the atmosphere, or to hide from the treachery of enemies, and the cave to refer to a boat flowing over the surface of the water in an effort to catch and move, Planted it in the ground intelligently, to make them obstacles to attackers. And finally he has to give them of his art to create his tools and solid furniture.

Today, in the age of technology, wood continues to play its important role in the service of man, as one of the materials that is widely used day by day in all parts of the world. It is characterized by natural properties made it despite its durability easy to operate and configuration, versatile. These properties also enabled the number and machines of woodworking efficiency and ability to be no other than the number of machines.

From this point of view, Falcon International Trading Company was able to obtain exclusive rights as the agent of the largest American forest, under which more than five American companies, which have been active for more than half a century, specialize in the manufacture of wood and its derivatives, And the latest designs and decorations interior and exterior of buildings and commercial and residential centers, which is divided into several sections:

  • Exterior designs and interior decorations

  • living rooms

  • Laundry and ironing rooms

  • Parquet and wooden flooring “several types”

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms, kitchen surfaces and laundries

  • Interior and exterior doors and windows

  • Stairs, stairs, handrails, interior and exterior decorations

  • Parquet.

  • Building of villas .

  • Construction of tourist chalets .

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